About Us

Grade Equipments have the purpose to design , develop , manufacture and commercial distribution of a range of products with excellent quality and price ratio , dedicated to the field of recreational diving , technical , commercial and military .

Grade Equipments is able to provide technical advice to other operators for the above sectors . Also devote significant resources to scientific research in the field of equipment for monitoring and control of the concentrations of O2 and Co2 rebreathing loop , through collaboration , already in place , with university departments of Biological Sciences Geological and Environmental , University of Catania ; Department of Machines , University of Catania) .

Grade Equipments fulfills to request from manufacturers and builders of rebreather diving equipment in general . Grade Equipments has capabilities in mechanical design , electronics and computer equipment that allow it to produce on its behalf and/or on behalf of third parties .

It also provides qualified advice to other companies , finding innovative solutions and has the following strategic objectives Development of new technological solutions in the field of diving . A Innovation of existing technologies in the field of diving .

A Certifications of  itas products . A  Advice to builders who want to certify their products in which there are one or more devices produced by Grade Equipments  . A Establish relationships of mutual benefit of university research departments .


A  Conduct basic research in the field of the apparatuses circuits , with particular reference to the problems of the partial pressures of oxygen and carbon dioxide.



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