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Grade equipments home. Welcome.

Explore under water world , Deep dive with confidence.

  • Deep because behind every product we are meticulous.
  • Deep  because we are aware of what we do , and why we do it.
  • Deep because we always love to go over, just like you.

Grade equipments uses new technologie , to give you the best experience.

We know what you want because we have the same passion.


Many products for many needs:

visit the product page to find out the most suitable for you. There is not?

No problem, we will create the product you want on your exclusively specifications. request a customized product here.

Why creating customized products?

Simple, love challenges, and we want to make the way of diving (and others), performing and comfortable. This is why we continue to innovate our technologies. We continually invest in research, to offer the best product – grade equipments precisely.

We are always ready with suggestions and requests also because we know that the best product is created by listening to those who will use it, namely you, our most precious resource.